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Jumat, 26 November 2010

Polka Dot: endless combinations?

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I am almost done sewing a silk taffeta polka dot pencil skirt (white dots on black background). Now, the question is what do I wear it with? Why don't I ever ask myself this question in the first place? I must add that I plan to wear this skirt at X-Mas dinner with my husband's family.

So, I spent an evening looking at inspiring polka dot combinations on Fall/Winter 2010 runways, and here is what I found (most of it Dolce and Gabbana) The question is what combination would work best...

1. Two polka dot patterns in different scales

This first combination looks cute (even though it's not quite polka dot :-) This means sheer top with larger scale polka dot.

2. Polka dot and leopard print

Love this one, but not for X-Mas dinner with in-laws. Saving for another occasion...

3. Polka Dot and Knit/ Skandinavian patterns

What do you think about this one? I think silk taffeta pencil skirt would look adorable with an knit west with some Skandinavian pattern, or?

4. Another, winning and time-proven combination is polka dot's and stripes. Still have to look for inspiration, though.

5. Finally, the easiest choice (?): no print at all, but a solid fitted sheer or charmeuse blouse with little or no detailing. I was thinking of some vivid colors for this one, red or yellow, or mustard...

Any ideas?

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